Global Investment Strategy UK Limited

Octagonal Plc holds a 100% interest in Global Investment Strategy UK Limited ("GIS"), a London headquartered financial services company trading in the Global Markets, including equities, fixed income, commodities, currency and futures, using its proprietary online trading platforms and clearing and safe custody systems.

GIS is a London Stock Exchange member firm and is regulated by the FCA. GIS offer a broad scope of settlement, custody, banking, broking and advisory services to professional, retail, corporate and eligible counterparty clients.  GIS have over 100 counterparty relationships including most of the major local and international investments banks transacting in the UK.

In addition to its core business of global settlement and custodial settlement services, GIS has an Investment Management Division, managing funds for both domestic and overseas clients on a discretionary basis.

GIS's global settlement and safe custody clearing business alone transacts for over 300 global hedge funds and family wealth offices.